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What Exactly Does JOR Hospitality Solutions Do?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

JOR Hospitality Solutions is focused on creating a culture of learning and turning training goals into successes. For this reason, programs are results-driven and completely customizable to each destination’s needs, allowing for the training to be as specific possible.

Our services are separated into two categories: training & development, and hospitality consulting. The training & development sector is focused on educating properties in subjects such as emotional intelligence, leadership, onboarding, and luxury service. The hospitality consulting sector focuses on things like designing service standards, assessing and improving luxury services, and writing standard operating procedures.

Professional and Leadership Development

Professional Development

Every single staff member, from the groundskeeper to the General Manager, is a vital part of your organization’s success. Professional development training focuses on educating and empowering all members of your team to ensure that the service and interactions throughout the entirety of your property are aligned with your unique brand.

Leadership Development

All managers know how to manage, but not all managers know how to truly lead. Through training specific to the leaders of your teams, managers will become leaders. They will learn how to best communicate with their staff and the most effective ways to coach and train. Leaders will also learn how to show their employees that they are valued and trusted, and how to earn their employees’ trust and respect in return.

Emotional Intelligence Training

One of the most valuable skill an employee can possess is empathy. Interpreting and being sensitive to the needs of others will get you much further at work than any soft skill. Through emotional intelligence training, staff and leaders alike will learn how to improve their ability to make decisions, manage their time, improve tolerance for stress and frustration, hold each other accountable, work as a team, and most importantly, trust each other. Sufficient emotional intelligence is the foundation of exceptional service, giving staff the tools they need to transform guest experiences from impersonal transactions into meaningful interactions.

Hospitality Consulting

Hospitality consulting offers a conclusive evaluation of the ins and outs your entire operation. JOR Hospitality Solutions (JORHS) will observe every aspect of how your business works. To put it simply, hospitality consulting is ‘big picture.’ This all-encompassing training doesn’t leave anything out. From scheduling, to management, to the day-to-day happenings of your property, we will provide you with specific feedback and tangible improvement tactics to ensure you’re operating at your highest potential.

Luxury Service Support

Luxury service support is a laser-focused form of hospitality consulting. JOR Hospitality Solutions created a tailored experience that exists strictly to evaluate your property’s performance in regards to the luxury service you provide. It is no secret that Diamond and Star ratings are a main focus for most hotels and resorts. Properties want to be able to prove to future guests that they are among the best of the best. That often means belonging to an accredited organization that verifies luxury service and claims it as superior.

Rather than observing the entire operation and how your property is run overall, luxury service support will only focus on what you are (or are not) offering, and how your staff and service measure up against the requirements of the organization’s distinction you desire. Through this training, JORHS will assist with the interpretation and understanding of the standards that need to be met in order for your property to achieve its desired ranking. This training also focuses on instilling service habits that will enhance guests’ experiences and make their stays memorable.

Onboarding Design & Implementation

Ensuring that all employees receive the same initial training is vital to the success of an establishment. By creating core features and concepts for onboarding, your venue’s training style will be clearly defined, making orientation a seamless process. Our onboarding process also includes on-the-job training task lists and documents, which are extremely helpful if ever your employees require a refresher. These supplemental training documents also provide leaders with a baseline. Every learning journey is customizable and themed to each individual destination or brand, allowing for the most effective training experience possible.


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