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When the Facility is More Luxurious than the Service

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

There is nothing worse than entering a venue that looks beautiful and has incredible attention to detail, only to find out that the service is subpar. When a facility is spectacular, the service should match and exceed that. The appearance of the venue will only get a business so far since service is what builds rapport for the business.

How does this happen and how should it be avoided?

This happens when venues spend their focus and time on improving the facility and not developing their staff. Another way that this happens is by not holding staff accountable for their actions and by not keeping up employee expectations. Venues that have clear guidelines for how their staff should interact with guests is one of the biggest ways to avoid this common issue. Having clear standards for the staff will allow the managers to evaluate how the team is performing and how they can improve any interactions with the guests.

What does this say to a guest?

When the service does not meet the guests expectations, based on the venue’s facility, it tells the guests that they are not the priority. Whether it is the lack of a warm welcome as guests enter the facility, not being intentional in every interaction, or even not wishing the guests well, each interaction is crucial for the happiness of the guest. If guests expect to be welcomed, the staff should practically roll out the red carpet for them. By not meeting and exceeding the guests' expectations, the venue will not impress them or make them want to return.

Why can this be detrimental to a venue?

This can be detrimental to a venue because their guests will be able to find an alternative venue with better service. As mentioned earlier, guests have preconceived expectations of what they will get from a venue based on the aesthetic of their facility. If guests are coming in with the expectation of outstanding service to match the appeal of the venue, then that is what they must get. When their expectations are not met, it sets up the venue for failure as the guests will look elsewhere to meet the expectations they had. The venue needs to have a nice facility and an excellent staff that will provide great service, ensuring that the guests will be satisfied.


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