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What Is a Learning & Development Expert, Anyway?

Updated: Jan 25

“What is a Learning & Development Expert? That sounds like a nice title, but I’m not sure if our property needs one of those…”

Of course, we understand that. JOR Hospitality Solutions is here to explain to you exactly what a Learning & Development Expert does, the benefits you’ll reap from working with one, and how they’re able to consider themselves ‘experts.’

Learning & Development (L&D) Experts exist to solve your problems. Been stuck at Four-Stars/Diamonds for years, pining over the Five-Star/Diamond recognition? Having trouble encouraging your staff to get excited about service and remain consistent in their efforts? Feeling like your TripAdvisor scores are stagnant? L&D Experts are the answer to your challenges. It is more than likely that the majority of your problems are a result of a lack of appropriate training.

Training is one of the most important divisions within any business, but is often the most under-appreciated. Management and staff alike view it as a necessary evil to ‘get over with’ every few months, writing it off as simply something they ‘have to do.’ But training is much more than just checking a corporate box. In reality, proper training is vital to the success and consistency of your operation. Beyond operations, support

services, and human resources, learning and development training provides a much needed aspect to the life blood of an organization. L&D Experts not only help create the culture of a destination, they provide each employee with the tools they need to maintain it.

“Okay, so training is important. Got it. Why can’t we delegate this to our HR department? Or maybe our Managers?”

Because training is quite the undertaking. The everyday leaders of your operation are busy doing exactly that: leading your property’s daily operations. They’re responsible for assisting their employees in developing their skills, yes, but they too have their own tasks to complete each day. Human Resources is also much too busy to take on the Trainer role. They have pressing demands to handle, such as hiring new staff and maintaining employee relations. And of course, the individual employees cannot take over such a task, because they likely do not have the authority or resources readily available to self-develop. This is where the Learning & Development Expert comes in. Retaining a specific person whose sole purpose is to train employees is necessary for the success of your operation.

“That all sounds good. It’s true that our staff already has enough on their plates, so they won’t be able to take on training in addition to their other tasks. But we’re still not completely sure how an L&D Expert will benefit us.”

Hiring a training professional may sound a tad frivolous if you aren’t aware of all of the benefits they can provide your business. Learning & Development Experts have a mindset that very few people possess, and their skillsets are extremely specialized. Through unique, personalized trainings, they are able to positively impact staff, guests, and operations — in a manner that they’ll remember and maintain. Learning & Development Experts are able to push on employees harder than those who work within the organization. Employees are less likely to take their advice and constructive criticism personally, because they don’t work next to this person every day. L&D Experts are able to look at every function of your property’s operation with a clear, unbiased eye, because they aren’t a member of your organization. They become the external voice that tells your staff how to improve in a manner that makes them eager to grow, rather than making them feel like they’re being targeted by an internal leader. L&D Experts are, by nature, motivational speakers. They know how to inspire a group, and can ignite the fire within your employees, getting them excited about working for your property. In hiring an Expert, your trainings will go from mandatory meetings to motivational training experiences.

“So that’s why we should hire one. But what makes them ‘experts’?”

Your ideal Learning & Development Trainer is also a perpetual student. They’re constantly studying best practices for adult learning. They’re researching day in and day out to grow their knowledge of training principles. They have formal education in training, and understand the terms and concepts of learning and development. They have experience in building successful curriculum, and they have made a career out of training. For them, this isn’t a side hustle, or a task that gets pushed to the side in lieu of more important items. Many Experts have external, global knowledge of the subject, having worked for multiple brands and traveled around the world to do so. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, and nothing your property throws at them could possibly be a surprise. Learning and development training is their passion. They’ve put exceptional amounts of time and education into their craft, just as a lawyer or an accountant would be expected to do. They bring the most diverse experiences to an organization, and have hundreds of examples to share while helping a destination grow.

“Great. So they know what they’re talking about, and it's clear that we need to think about hiring a L&D Expert. How do we get in contact with one?”

Should you be interested in scheduling a consultation for your property, please feel free to send our team a message through the form at the bottom of this page, and we will respond in a timely manner.


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