The 4-Step Program Your Business Needs To Get Back To Work

July 27, 2020 | Training

In tandem with the rest of the world, the pandemic is shifting the way the hospitality industry functions. Properties will now be viewed by travelers through the lens of appropriate sanitization and social distancing; their adherence to safety guidelines as important to guests as their suites and spa services. Hospitality Anew is a conclusive four-step program focused on assisting properties enacting new cleanliness precautions and reimagined employee training amidst unprecedented times. This personalized training will provide your establishment with all of the tools it needs in order to guarantee a successful, safe reopening.

Hospitality Anew is broken up into four steps: cleanliness and safety, reboarding, service standard revisions, and leadership pivoting. The entire course typically takes one full day to complete, with each of the four steps taking roughly two hours to cover. Properties are also welcome to customize the experience by choosing which of the four components they’d like to implement.

Cleanliness And Safety

As venues move towards reopening, cleanliness and safety measures will need to be taken to the next level. Gone are the days of guests choosing their destination based on its fine dining menu or its cabana service by the pool. Guests will now be looking for accommodations that offer the highest, most all-encompassing sanitary standards. Additional health and safety measures will be instrumental for guests as they begin booking their stay. The Cleanliness and Safetyphase of Hospitality Anew provides establishments with a multi-step training process that will be offered to all staff and leaders, promising the highest levels of cleaning and safety protocols.


Reimagining employee training will be a vital component to a successful reopening. After extended time away from work, an adjustment period will be inevitable. The best way to combat this and quickly re-acclimate employees is through a compelling retraining. Leaders and staff alike will need to be vetted on new requirements, from physical distancing to service standards, in order to properly immerse themselves into the changed culture of their work environment. Additionally, new staff will need to be onboarded and trained through virtual and distance learning scenarios; techniques that most hotels and resorts have yet to explore.

Service Standard Revisions

One of the most important components to providing luxury service is ensuring all interactions make guests feel known and valued. Although employees will be wearing masks and socially distancing, it is still possible to provide an experience that epitomizes luxury. From the sanitized arrival to the contactless departure and everything in between, new service expectations must be widely understood and genuinely adhered to by staff. Throughout this training, staff and leaders will learn more about technology-driven service, in-room amenity changes, socially distanced dining, and other updated requirements. The Service Standard Revisions phase of Hospitality Anew will ensure employees gain the knowledge they need in order to continue providing guests with an authentic, one-of-a-kind experience.

Leadership Pivot Coursework

Moving forward into the all of the changes in the workplace, it will be the duty of all leaders to provide a different level of emotional intelligence. It is no secret that working under new conditions is always a challenge, and the pandemic has brought forward worries that only a sense of understanding, empowerment, and trust can solve. Now more than ever, employees deserve leaders who train with empathy; leaders who make their employees feel seen, heard, and supported. Through the Leadership Pivot phase of Hospitality Anew, leaders will be learn how to coach their staff with compassion. Emotional engagement and an overall genuine sense of care will be taught to leaders at all levels.

Written by: Between the Lines Copywriting

July 2020

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