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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

April 13, 2021 | Hospitality

All through the month of April, we at JOR Hospitality Solutions decided to look into the experiences of a guest whose opinions on travel and luxury are just as important as mine and yours...children!

For those who are lucky enough to experience luxury and able to travel at a young age, it can be a life changing experience and memory that they keep for their entire lives. Some parents cannot wait to show their child all the world has to offer when it comes to traveling. So, they decide to start traveling with them when the children are just old enough to retain memories. I started traveling at a young age and I have learned things I feel are beneficial to pass on. If you plan on raising a little traveler here are some things to consider that can help them grow up to be the brave adventurer, you want them to be.

1.Teach and immerse them in the culture of wherever they are going.

When you first tell your child about where you are taking them chances are they might not know anything about the place. The way to make sure you get the most out of your trip is always to come prepared and knowledgeable as to where you are going (this applies to all age groups). Personally, my parents always bought us a guidebook for where we were going that we looked through together. It not only informed me about the place, but it also helped us choose the sites we wanted to see. If you are very confident in your child’s abilities, you can even give them the reins of the vacation for a day and have them plan what you will be doing, with you supervising, of course. I know from experience that understanding the background, culture, and history of the destinations I have visited made the trip that much more exciting and memorable!

2. Give them some freedom to explore where they are and interact with the locals themselves.

Taking a child to a new place and constantly monitoring them or being worried about if they are having a good time can put a damper on your experience and theirs. Indulge them with some freedom to buy what they pick out or like from the local stores. Let them interact with locals or even order from a menu they are not used to on their own. This will not only develop communication skills but also will encourage them to make the first moves later on in life.

3. Always lead them by example.

A lot of the times children are reflections of their parents. If the parent is hesitant towards experiences, they are not used to or situations that make them uncomfortable, that will rub off on their child. Personally, I have always looked up to my parents and when I see them trying new things such as foods or activities it inspires me to do the same. I am in no way suggesting putting yourself in uncomfortable situations. I am saying that sometimes We tend to see the most self-growth in the places that we find unfamiliar. You can’t learn and grow from the familiar. The same goes for children. Pushing them to go outside their comfort zone by trying new foods with them, being adventurous and going off the path, and even something as simple as going up and asking locals the best places to visit. These are all ways to grow within yourself and your child.

Traveling with children can be a handful, literally. But if we take a step back and try to look at the trip or the places, through their eyes and point of view, it can be so rewarding. It can let you see the world through a different viewpoint and create amazing memories that last a lifetime and even make your bond together stronger.

Written by: Media Relations Ambassador; Caroline Laszlo

April 2021

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