Morning Wakeup Calls: Are They Luxury?

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

March 4, 2021 | Hospitality

These days the last thing a guest will notice in a hotel room is the phone provided. However, not too long ago, having a phone ready for the guest to use was not only a staple to a room, but was also something that the guest used frequently. Nowadays the room phone’s sole purpose is for two things; calls for service requests from inside the hotel and wakeup calls.

The idea of a wakeup call can make some people tired just thinking about it. However, what if that wakeup call was an experience in itself? Some hotels and resorts have taken upon themselves to go above and beyond the average call to your room and have transformed it into a luxurious experience that is worth waking up for.

Now, you may be asking how on earth can being woken up be luxury? First, before I answer this question, we should clarify that there are all different levels of service when it comes to wakeup calls. Even if you have never experienced a hotel or resort wakeup call in your life, you will be able to tell the difference in level of service from A. Only a single call to your room to try and wakeup you up, and if you don’t manage to answer the call then that is on you, and B. Having a butler come to your door with fresh tea or coffee ready for you when you wake-up. The “Las Ventanas al Paraiso, A Rosewood Resort” in Los Cabos, Mexico is a great example of luxury intertwined with waking up. They bring wake-up call service outside of the bedroom and to a hammock beachside. With a raise of a flag and notifying the butlers when you would like to be woken up, they will gently wake you to the sounds of an ancient Mexican percussion instrument. Now, I don’t know about you - but I think we can all agree that being serenaded awake is a step up from setting an alarm on your cellphone.

There is something very nostalgic and romantic about having someone come to you in-person to wake you up. Some experts say that hotels are looking to go back to this old practice of doing so in an effort to impress their guests. However, even if a hotel doesn’t have the staff numbers to do these individualized in-person wake-up calls, there are other ways you can communicate luxury to your guests. Take “Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort” for example, they may not have someone physically come to you room to wake the guests up, however they do have “Waking with the Stars”. This amenity treats guests to special wake-up calls from famous musicians and singers such as Kellie Pickler and Trace Adkins.

Needless to say, at this point in time when it comes to luxury wake-up services the trend is in person experiences. However, there are other ways to bring a little bit of luxury to your guest’s room without even knocking on their door. Who knows what the next trend will be when it comes to waking up on vacation? Could the wake-up call by phone service be eliminated all together in the future? Could only luxury hotels and resorts offer the in-person experiences of being woken up? One thing is for sure though, waking up can be hard to do but, with a little creativity on the hotel brands part, it can create a long-lasting impression.

Written by: Media Relations Ambassador, Caroline Laszlo

March 2021

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