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Luxury In-Room Services Around the World

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Endless factors can play into where we decide to spend our precious vacation time.

Are we looking to relax and lay by the pool and be waited on hand-and-foot, or are we looking to go on excursions and make the most of every minute? How long are we staying? Do we want to travel domestically or internationally? What are we willing to spend? The questions continue to build, even when we think we’re making some definitive progress. They don’t end once we choose our destination and have to decide where we’ll be resting our heads at night. The most important thing to all of us, is that we are getting the most for our money. So how do hotels entice us to spend our hard-earned money with them, and entrust them to make the most of our vacation? Let’s take a look at the little ways hotels go above and beyond in luxury in-room services, that may just make them stand out enough to earn a new guest.

Have you ever heard the line “vacation calories don’t count”? Luxury hotels surely know how to capitalize on this with plenty of exquisite food and beverage options on property. However, the smartest properties know the importance of luxury in-room dining services. In-room bars, cocktail stations and recipes are a few ways luxury hotels are choosing to keep their guests “spirited” even in the comfort of their room.

One property, the W Los Angeles in West Beverly Hills offers their “Sip N Lift Cocktail Caddy”. This is essentially an in-elevator bartender who can prepare signature cocktails from the property’s various dining locations as guests ride the elevator. Another property, The Doghouse, capitalizes on being the world’s first craft beer hotel inside their Ohio brewery. Their guests are able to enjoy their signature brews all day long thanks to in-room beer taps and even mini-fridges right outside of their shower! Essentially, guests value any unique, creative ways to continue the fun of wining and dining all the way to their room.

We all know vacations are much more than eating and drinking and that there are some signature experiences that we look forward to on vacations. This can include property-specific spa treatments, beautiful poolside cabanas and fun water activities for children, and much more. However, the best hotels know how to stand out beyond this, as all luxury properties should have these offerings at a minimum.

One hotel that excels in the art of elevating luxury experiences is Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Resort. The property plays to their country music scene by offering guests pre-recorded wake up calls from country music stars. Another property that caters their luxury in-room service to the younger members of the party, The Chatwal, outside of New York City’s Theater District takes advantage of their location by offering the “Broadway Experience”. This experience includes an in-room dress up trunk for children with classic show props, as well as themed tea times. Other simple ways hotels should consider elevating their in-room experiences include spa kits, craft/activity kids for children, exercise programs on their TVs and renting out upscale clothing and other items.

Overall, any hotel hoping to gain a new guest should consider how their guests can spend their time, not only in their common areas and amenities, but in the room where they will be spending so much of their time. Any guest is sure to appreciate a property that knows how to make their home-away-from-home feel like a luxury, no matter where they are on property.


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