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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

April 23, 2021 | Hospitality

A lot of the time when we think of “luxury experiences”, young girls don’t normally come to mind. However, they should because when you travel with children to luxurious destinations you expect them to receive the same amount of impeccable service as adults. It just may look a little different. There are many different ways that “luxury” has been delivered through service to children, but in this blog, we are focusing specifically on the little girl.

When researching how luxury is transferred into the realm of children, two main areas of focus come up, hotels and the amenities they provide, and experiences specifically designed towards young girls.

Let’s first start with the room they are staying in. Just like adults when you are promised luxury, you expect a level of comfort and personalized touches that you otherwise wouldn’t receive anywhere else. The same goes for the child. When you bring them into an extremely fancy lobby, and they see their parents are sleeping in the most amazing quarters they will tend to expect the same. The Plaza Hotel, in New York City delivers just that but with a twist! They offer kids to live the life of “Eloise at the Plaza” and stay in “The Eloise Suite” that was designed based on the very book it is inspired by. The room is pink from the floor to the ceiling, as well as the bathroom, and is filled with toys, dolls, and clothing for the guest to use. The hotel also offers many other extras that can be added for not only the child but for the adult too, including an add on nanny that stays in the room next to hers. This is just one example of how hotels have added a touch of luxury for guests of all ages. More ways hotels have catered rooms to little girls is by offering experiences geared toward them that can be added to your suite if you do not want to give them their own room. At “The Ritz Carlton, Boston, MA” they offer the “Nutcracker Package” during the holiday season and include amenities that vary year to year. Not only will your room be decorated based on the ballet, but the amenities can include a teddy bear tuck in service, nutcracker bear photos, and a bedtime story that is read by the sugar plum fairy!

These hotels have gone above and beyond to make young girls fantasy’s come true through their rooms. However, that is not the only way luxury can be added to a little girl’s life, it can also be added through experiences.

Along with where they are sleeping and staying, the experiences offered at these hotels have the potential to pamper your little girl in the way all women like to be pampered, by getting spoiled. At “Lotte New York Palace” the “Little Royals Package” is the perfect way to spoil the princess in your life and to show them what living lavishly can be like, with a childish twist. The package includes a princess costume, beverages and snacks fit for royalty, bathrobe and slippers, and a discount for a mommy and me pedicure at the spa. What is more luxurious than a spa! Luxury doesn’t always mean a trip to the spa either, if your child is more into toys than a trip to the spa or an afternoon tea, then a Lego Butler Service might be right up their alley! At the “Ashford Castle, Ireland” you can order a butler will serve your child a silver tray with a Lego kit on it. After the building is complete, your child can experience their bedtime story program where your little girl can be written into a story as a character. The butler will read the personalized story to her while she eats homemade cookies. If that isn’t a child’s version of “luxury service” I don’t know what is!

Your little girl deserves to be pampered and taken care of just as much as you do, however it can be hard for parents to come up with ways to bring luxury into their world. These hotels take those troubles away and will leave your little girl in awe of service.

Written by: Caroline Laszlo, Media Relations Ambassador

April 2021

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