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August 4, 2021 | Training

With my time being an intern with JOR Hospitality Solutions coming to an end, it has led me to reflect on the experiences I have had over the past eight months. I have not only grown tremendously professionally, but I have also learned where my personal strengths and weaknesses lie. Mr. Raimondi has a unique talent of seeing things in others that those themselves cannot see and in my case, he saw my creativity and helped me refine and polish it. This has been my journey with JOR Hospitality Solutions…

I started with JORHS at the beginning of January 2021 as the companies Media Relations Ambassador. Before this, I had only ever had entry level jobs such as a barista and a hostess at a local restaurant. When I saw this internship position open, I knew I had to get out of my comfort zone and apply. My initial interview was a breeze, Mr. Raimondi was very kind and was a very easy person to talk to. After that, I was sent “Stage 2” of the interview process where he tasked me with creating a few different creative elements for the company to get an idea of where my talents lie. Having received feedback on my work, I was given the position for the Spring term! Being a Media Relations Ambassador for the company meant I would be taking over all social media platforms (including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and redesigning them to not only be more eye catching and appealing, but also to try and help the company grow via the platforms. I was also going to be writing two blogs a month that would be published onto the company website.

I remember being very overwhelmed and nervous to start because I had never done anything of the sort. Not to mention that I would be representing an official company with my work. It was a whole new ball game for me. Mr. Raimondi assured me I had nothing to worry about and he helped train me on his companies Microsoft Teams application as well as show me how to use Canva (the application I would go on to use to make the social media posts, logo changes, etc.). I began with the social media presence and worked from there. Along the way I collaborated not only with Mr. Raimondi, but with the few other interns (with varying different positions) to help get ideas and feedback on my creations. Something I learned from my time with the company is just how important feedback is in all aspects of hospitality.

During the spring semester I wrote and published six blogs (ranging in topics of hospitality, training, and leadership), I redesigned the companies Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, I made weekly posts about the company and the current projects and clients we as a company were working with and attended one of his training and development classes. When the spring semester came to an end, I decided I wanted to continue through the summer term as well in my role. With my Spring semester being so successful, Mr. Raimondi had an even bigger project for me for the summer, he wanted me to redesign the company’s website. This was a challenge that I was hesitant to even start at first. However, after playing around with the website design application we selected (WIX) I found myself in a natural state of designing. Designing a website was not admittedly something I had on my bucket list, however after months of collaborating and re-branding of the company alongside Mr. Raimondi, we published the website officially on the 4th of July. Which happened to be the two-year anniversary of the company. I have never been so proud of something I made, and I knew that it was successful because of all the wonderful feedback we were receiving because of it. I think from the very beginning Mr. Raimondi saw this creative and “out of the box” thinking I had in me from the very beginning. I just didn’t believe him until I saw the finished website.

August 15th, 2021 will be my last day with JOR Hospitality Solutions and I am extremely and undeniably thankful for the opportunity that Mr. Raimondi gave to me back in January. I have learned how valuable of a person as well as an employee I can be. I plan on using the communication and creative skills I have learned from this Internship for the rest of my career. My story just goes to show how giving someone new to an industry or a position a chance can have an impact on them for their lifetime.

Written by: Media Relations Ambassador; Caroline Laszlo

August 2021

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