Experiencing Luxury Travel as a Child

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

April 19, 2021 | Hospitality

Luxury travel is normally centered around the adults and how to constantly treat them with unforgettable experiences. Service staff will go above and beyond to ensure the guests stay happy and wowed. However, this luxury service should never stop at the adults, if there are children present, they should experience it as well. Whether it’s on a cruise, airplane, train, or even bus.

I have been very fortunate to go on a couple cruises when I was younger with my family. There were a lot of kids on the cruise aside from myself and my siblings. Thankfully, the experiences we have been on all had activities and rooms that are for specific to children. Thinking about luxury cruises, Celebrity Cruises come to mind. Personally, I didn’t think they would have a lot of ideas when accommodating children however, I was incorrect. There are amazing opportunities for children to enjoy during the trip while also giving their parents a break. For example, they offer a Camp at Sea which has been awarded many times for their education program. This camp gives children a chance to play games, enjoy outdoor activities, or and more. Their parents will also enjoy dropping their children off because they will be learning while having fun. Another way Celebrity Cruises gives children a luxurious experience is through their Spa. There are special services for teenagers 13 - 17 years old. They offer nail, hair, fitness trainer, and facial services as well as two person massages, perfect for child and parent relaxation. It is obvious that Celebrity Cruises focus on giving children luxury experiences just as much as the adults.

Another popular cruise line is Disney Cruise Line. When Walt Disney World is mentioned, most of the time the main thing that comes to mind is children. Disney is geared toward keeping magic alive in the eyes of children. This idea is carried throughout the entire brand and into the Disney Cruise Lines. Disney’s Oceaneer Club and Lab are aboard their beautiful ships which engage the children in activities and games with the Disney counselors who supervise the area. While children enjoy their time in the Club and lab, their parents are free to explore and enjoy the ship without a worry of their children's safety. There is also a private island, Disney Castaway Cay, which allows the entire family to enjoy the ocean and beach alongside Disney characters. Disney Cruise Lines engulfs children in luxury while still living them the opportunity to be children and have fun.

Ritz-Carlton is a luxury hospitality company that has expended their brand into a yacht, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. This yacht is absolutely beautiful and looks like it should be strictly for mature adults who enjoy living in a clean environment. While the ship is so beautiful you’d think kids would not be allowed on it, however, I stand corrected. For those who would love for their children to experience true luxury, Ritz Kids is the place for them upon this ship. It is an enjoyable educational program that allows the children to explore the world around them, learn, and have fun. This truly is a place for children to be immersed in luxury.

Luxury service geared towards children can thrive in other areas of hospitality, if it was present. It is difficult to find it in airlines and trains throughout the United States of America. When expanding into other areas of the world, there are transportation services like trains that provide luxury service. However, it is very rare to find luxury trains that have any special amenities for children.

Introducing children into luxury hospitality and service is a privilege not many get to have but, if it’s possible, it’s one they should experience. Unfortunately, there is not a large range of luxury hospitality solutions that are created to benefit the children however, planning a family cruise is a great place to start.

Written by: Caitlyn Klauder; Client Experiences

April 2021

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